Help Save Lives

As a foster for LFOA you are required to: 

  • Submit an application
  • Complete a home inspection by an LFOA representative
  • Be willing and available to complete a meet and greet with the potential foster and your existing pets, if any.
  • If needed:

                * Provide transportation from shelter to your home

                * Provide transportation to/from vet appointments

                * Provide transportation to/from adoption events in Goodyear (85338)

                * Provide transportation and attend meet and greets with your foster

  • Provide food for your foster as a donation to the rescue (Iams Small bites - green bag)
  • Provide AT LEAST weekly updates to the rescue on the status of your foster: eating/drinking, temperament, learning new tricks, house-training progress, etc so we can update online bio's for potential adopters. 
  • Provide pictures and videos of your foster. Potential adopters love to see the personality of the dog they may be interested in adopting. 
  • Ensure that the dog is safe and secure at all times and always wearing a collar with a "LAB RESCUE" name tag. 

​***RECOMMENDED - Below are our recommendations to our fosters to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Fostering can be hard work but we want to help our fosters experience the biggest reward by helping these dogs find their forever families.

  • Make sure all of your current pets are updated on vaccines. Most importantly is the yearly 5 in 1 and rabies. We also recommend updating with Bordatella every 6 months, for kennel cough, if you are fostering dogs.
  • We recommend quarantining new dogs, especially from county environments for at least 5-7 days after leaving the shelter to monitor for ticks, kennel cough, worms, etc. 
  • ​We recommend keeping their bathrooms areas completely separate during the quarantine period of 5-7 days to rule out any possible diseases. At any sign of problem, notify the rescue immediately, do not wait.
  • We recommend NEVER leaving a child unattended with a foster dog. NEVER leaving a child around the foster dog during feeding times or with toys and bones. Children should be supervised around the foster dog at all times. These dogs come from unknown environments so this is for the safety of all involved.
  • We do not recommend leaving the foster dog unattended with the current pets in your home until you are absolutely sure there are or could be no problems. We provide crates or gates, whatever you prefer to keep the dog separate. Again, this is for the safety of all involved.

We provide 24/7 support for questions or problems. We provide crates, leashes, collars, name tags, medical care, advice with training, etc. If there are issues with transportation and food, we will always work something out with the foster family. 

Don't wait to foster to save a life! Get pre-approved first!

Fill out a Foster Application 


LFOA rescues many dogs from local county shelters and the time we are given to rescue these dogs before they are euthanized is only hours! We will ONLY pull a dog for a PRE-APPROVED foster! 

​LFOA will not pull a dog with a "promise" to foster. To be pre-approved you must complete an application, home inspection and reference check to become a foster. 

We NEED YOUR HELP! To continue saving dogs hours from death with very little notice, we need pre-approved fosters ready in an emergency!!!

​Labrador Friends of Arizona is 100% volunteer based. We could not save these lives without help from our community. Have you been thinking about getting involved? Here is how you can help!

How can you get involved?

Become a Foster

All medical and supplies provided. Home inspection required. 24/7 support and advice. Fill out a foster app to get started today!


Home Inspections

Volunteers needed throughout the valley. Send us an email with your contact information, cross streets, availability and distance willing to travel.



Occasionally needed to/from adoption events and vet appointments. Send us an email to sign up!

Adoption Events

Adoption events are held twice a month in Goodyear. Help setup/tear down, walk dogs and supervise. Send us an email to sign up!


Donations are always needed to continue saving lives!