Malley - ADOPTED 10/11/14 (Owner Surrender)

Malley is such a joy to have here. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and was a best friend to our dog Macy. As long as Malley has a ball he is happy, and he ALWAYS has a ball.
We have had Malley for almost 2 years and look forward to many more with this sweet senior boy. --Pinson Family (Foster Failure #1)

Maggie - ADOPTED 5/14/16 (Owner Surrender)

Maggie Maggie Maggie. She has been a pistol from the beginning and your typical lab puppy. She's out going and loves anyone and everything. She came to us the end of March after we lost our 5 year old lab. She has brought so much joy and spunk to our house and helped to get Chi Chi out of her shell. Our house is full of puppy chaos and there is never a dull moment but we wouldn't have it any other way. -- Pinson Family (Foster Failure #3)

Penny - ADOPTED 4/22/16 (Korean Rescue)

"Penny is absolutely wonderful!! We are so lucky to have her as part of our family. Cannot believe how wonderful everyone at Labrador Friends of Arizona was to work with. Thanks again for helping us adopt our newest family member! She has filled our hearts and home with love!" -- Hoyt Family

Phoebe - ADOPTED 7/12/14 (Owner Surrender)

"We adopted Phoebe a year ago.  She was 4 years old at the time.  I had never adopted before and was a bit nervous.  It couldn’t have turned out better.  Phoebe’s foster mom, CJ, was absolutely incredible.  We came to find out quickly that Phoebe is a very precious dog, in every way.  We have loved every minute of having her this past year.

Keep doing the great work you guys!"-- Robinson Family

Help Save Lives

Bailey - ADOPTED 11/7/14 (Pinal County Animal Control Rescue)

This is Bailey, formerly "Jack".  We love the name Jack too much and have a cat named Jack so we had to come up with a new name!  We adopted Bailey in November of 2014.  The adoption process was so simple, his foster mom kept in constant contact with us and after one visit we were in love!  We brought him home and his first day was a "Welcome to our Family Bailey" party where 20 new people came to meet him.  He took it like a champ!  It's been smooth sailing ever since.  He has three sisters (Riley, Lilly and Sophie) that he adores, especially our pit bull Sophie.  She out weighs him by about 40lbs but she lets him tackle her to the ground and roll all over her.  Bailey's most FAVORITE thing in the world though is swimming!  In the summer when it's too hot to walk, we swim the dogs every day for about an hour for exercise.  Bailey is totally fearless and will leap off the side over and over while we are out there.  He LOVES it!  He also loves going on "adventures" to the pet store and park when it's nice out.  This winter he will get to see snow for the first time as we have a trip up to Flagstaff planned with all the dogs.  Bailey is so sweet and gentle and SOOOO snuggly.  He's adored as the baby of the house and we love him so much!  Thank you to PK and Labrador Friends of AZ for saving him! -- Schlich Family

Score - ADOPTED 6/1/14 (Maricopa County Animal Control Rescue)

We rescued Score when she was about 10 months old, so we had a bit of the puppy period with her and she did receive the nickname "destruct--dog" for a while, but she eventually grew out that! She is a loving, sweet, playful, beautiful, smart and strong dog. We could not have asked for a better addition to our family. She was easily trained and will do anything to please us. While she is my son's dog (he is her person) she is an excellent family dog and takes turns getting loving from each member of the household. I joke that I have more photos of her on my phone, than of my kids. -- Butchin Family 

Cami - ADOPTED 4/2/16 (Stray)

"We adopted Cami, an Australian shepherd mix, in April of this year, 2016. My husband had decided when our black Labrador of 12 years died that he no longer wanted a dog. But over time, I convinced him that I wanted one. What a great choice! Everyone loves her - she is so gentle and sweet.  She was house broken already and so easy to adjust to her new home. After 5 months with her, it feels like she has been a part of our family forever." -- Gray Family

Trooper - ADOPTED 11/14/14 (Owner Surrender)

"We adopted Tropper on 11/14/14 He was a timid but playful puppy that grew into the best dog we could ever hoped for. He loves to go camping, traveling, playing with his doggie play group a few times a week and be spoiled rotten by us. He is a little prince that has his own bedroom with a queen sized bed." -- Mrocek Family

Coco - ADOPTED 7/17/16 (Owner Surrender)

"Coco is doing great! We have had her for about a month and cannot believe how lucky we got adding her to our family. She is the easiest dog and has blended into our family perfectly. She loves to swim in the lake, eat, play with her pug brother and sleep!" -- Wilson Family

Louie - ADOPTED 4/11/14 (Owner Surrender)

I will take any opportunity I to gush about my dog Louie (formerly Griffin), adopted April 2014. Here it is:
The other day, my 10 year old niece said to me, "You and Louie are a perfect match! You both like doing the same things and have so much fun together!". It's true! Louie and I have had so many adventures over the past 2+ years together, from camping, hiking, kayaking, and even moving from Phoenix to Toronto! He truly has enriched my life. I really appreciate the care that Labrador Friends of Arizona put into making sure they were sending their dog to a good and safe home. I adopted Louie as a puppy, he's now about 2.5 years old. We had a little bit of house training to work on, but he has always been eager to please and responds well to praise. I cannot imagine my life without my little 17lb mixed-breed pup! Thank you for everything! -- Bunko Family

Lola - ADOPTED 12/19/15 (Owner Surrender)

Lola has been here for almost a year and immediately fit in with the family. She loves going to Camp Verde and on car rides. She loves all animals and is selective with men, but she's learning. She especially loves my husband but I think he loves her more. We adore our little Chi Chi and can't im2agine our lives with out her or before her. --Pinson Family (Foster Failure #2)

Below are some stories from our adopters explaining their experience and most importantly the transition of our rescues into their new homes! We love these stories and our adopters!