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LFOA - Adoption Process

Have you found one of our dogs that would make a great addition to your family? Or are you wanting to become pre-approved for a dog that may come into our rescue in the future?

All potential applicants are required to complete an Adoption Applicaton and a Home Inspection by an LFOA Representative. During the home inspection we like to take the time to get to know the adoptive family to make sure we find the dog that will best transition into the home for the ease of the family and the dog. We also check to make sure that the surroundings and environment are safe for our dogs. 

Once the family has become approved for adoption, we will schedule a meet and greet with the adoptable dog and foster parent at the adopters home. We will supervise first meetings with existing pets and the interaction of the dog with the family. There is an understanding that there will be a transition period for everyone but we are looking for any "red flags" that the dog may not be the best fit. 

If everything seems to be ok and the dog is medically cleared, the adoption can be finalized that day. There is an Adoption Contract to complete. The adopter will receive copies of the contract and all medical records in electronic format within a week of the finalized date. 

If the meet and greet goes well but the dog is not medically cleared, we will accept a non-refundable deposit of HALF the adoption fee to hold the dog until the adoption can be finalized. We will provide a receipt detailing this information. 

However if the meet and greet does not seem to be going well, we can continue searching for the right pet for your family. 

Please Contact Us with any questions regarding this process. 

Are you ready for a new family pet?

Before you adopt there are many things to consider:

* Does everyone in the family agree that now is the time for a new dog? Dogs can be work at any age, especially when they have an unknown past and have gone through a whirlwind of changes in just a few days/weeks. They will take time to adjust and train and will need cooperation and support from the entire family!

* Do you have the time for a new dog? Puppies require more work and training where more mature dogs are much more mellow. What fits into your lifestyle? Consisetnecy is key with training and helping these rescued dogs adjust, you must be able to devote the time. 

* Have you thought about the added expense of a dog? Ideally you would adopt a happy, healthy dog so your expense would be toys, food, beds, leashes, etc. But dogs can be destructive if not entertained or trained so you may have to replace a shoe or hose from time to time. And we all fear the dreaded vet bills! If something should happen, can you propertly care for the new dog? How about maintenance medication: flea/tick, heartworm preventative and yearly shots should also be planned for.

* Do you already have another dog and kids? Have you thought about introductions and managing issues if they come up? How will you handle some dog aggression or growling if something happens? Are you prepared with training tools to handle these situations?

Your new dog should be treated as part of your family, with comforts, love, training, exercise to help them forget all about their past and create a new life with you! Are you ready to give them all they need? If you are ready to get started, just click below!